• MULTI : Corpus

  • Thursday 12.03
  • 17:00-18:00 (world premiere)
    19:00-20:00 (2nd performance)
  • Østre, Østre Skostredet 3

At this concert the audience will be surrounded by 27 loudspeakers playing works Thorolf Thuestad, Natasha Barrett, Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi and Bethan Parkes. The concert is part of the project MULTI which presents and develops music for 3D audio, focusing on ambisonics. MULTI is a collaboration between Lydgalleriet, Bergen Center for Electronic Art and the Oslo based ensemble Electric Audio Unit. Together they aim to present and produce works for multichannel audio as well as developing technology and skills in the field. The project includes concerts, commissions and workshops.

Thorolf Thuestad: Corpus (20′) *world premiere
Corpus observes the voluptuous/opulent body with its pain and pleasure, breath and blood.
It is discordant and absurd, odd and untouchable. It has apparent order and disorder.
Presented in glorious 3D sound.

Natasha Barrett: Volvelle 1 (20′)   *world premiere
This volvelle is not used for witchcraft or astronomy, but to trace the frequency, space and temporal facets of fields of sound and emerging bodies. The piece is composed in 5th order 3D ambisonics. Sound sources used in Volvelle 1 are from flutes (played by Bjørnar Habbestad) and from a rural village in the late evening.
The work has been created with support from a Norwegian Cultural Council artist grant.

Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi: Mouseion (9′) *world premiere
“Mouseion” means “museum” in old Greek. Here the listener finds himself/herself in an imaginative exhibition space. The soundscape can be interpreted as a representation of an ordinary museum space or as a space in which one can wander about, looking at single sound pictures. Two voices (Sigurd Fischer Olsen & Hilde Annine Hasselberg) discuss the composition and its tools in a way that the discussion itself becomes an aesthetic part of the piece.
Supported by the Norwegian composers fund.

Bethan Parkes: Adrift (Waves) (13′)
Adrift (Waves) is based on a recording of the sea that Parkes made at a shoreline on the east coast of Scotland under cover of darkness. Out of the dark the white tips of the waves, the bubbling backwash, and the sand at her feet articulated the near field of the visual perception as the horizon was absorbed into the darkness, merging with the night sky in a view of infinite depth. Emerging out of this recording, the composition reflects on the motions and textures of the waves, creating a journey through submersion and surfacing that imagines in sound the unknown depths and mythical space of the ocean.


Presented in collaboration with Lydgalleriet, BEK and Electric Audio Unit.



Conversation with Peter Meanwell, Trond Lossius and Daniela Cascella about surround sound.

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