Simon Løffler
  • asamisimasa
    plays Simon Løffler : (.._.._….)

  • Saturday 12.03
  • 19.00 - 19:45
  • Bergen Kjøtt, Skutevikstorget 1
  • asamisimasa
    Simon Løffler

In this portrait concert the ensemble asamisimasa, consisting of five of Norway’s most exciting performers within new music, will perform four pieces by Danish composer Simon Løffler. Løffler’s compositions are characterised by unusual instrumentation and creative use of electronics.
The piece a is written for children instruments. Both the music and the musicians try to establish a sense of complete seclusion. In b, three musicians are playing with two parameters: guitar pedals that are daisy chained and modulate each other, and fluorescent lamps whose static electricity is being passed on from musician to musician by touching each other. Løffler tries to create one single instrumental body. The piece d tries to establish a wall in between the audience and the music. This wall is treated both as an instrument and as a concrete separator between people, as well as the resonating medium through which the extremely soft music is perceived. The piece (.._.._….) seeks to reduce the playing techniques of the instruments to a minimum: the sound is primitive and raw, there is only very loud or extremely soft, very high or very low, tutti or solo, and the small processes that connect these contrasts.

asamisimasa is:
Ellen Ugelvik – keys & electronics
Kristine Tjøgersen – clarinets & electronics
Tanja Orning – cello & electronics
Håkon Stene – percussion & electronics
Anders Førisdal – guitars & electronics

Supported by Dansk Komponist Forening.

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