• Øyvind Torvund :
    Incorporate Intervention #1

  • Thursday 10.03
  • 16.00 - 16.45
  • Rom8, Vaskerelven 8,
  • Øyvind Torvund

Artists Stine Janvin Motland, Lasse Marhaug and Greg Pope have invited a different performer each day to stage an intervention within their installation, Incorporate. Working with or against, adding to or subtracting from, rearranging or just ignoring the sound and light elements they have created, each artist has been given free rein to organically evolve their work.

As a composer Øyvind Torvund combines the worlds of everyday noises with crafted melodic fragments. As a guitarist he has one foot in a searing rock sensibility and one in the European improvising world. Whichever side of him comes to the fore, his intervention will no doubt be both a performative and a compositional act.

Installation Performance:
16.00 -16.45

Opening hours for the installation:
09th March – 13th March  // Wednesday – Sunday 12.00-18.00
Free Admission

Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and Det norske komponistfond.

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