Welcome to Bergen and Borealis 2018

This page will help you out with some practical info on how to get around the city, where to stay, how to get to our venues, weather and some local tips. We want you to get the best of Borealis and Bergen.

First of all: bring warm and waterproof clothing. March is almost springtime and the temperatures will be sneaking in to the plus zone, but it’s worth to remember that Bergen has the same amount of rainy days as a rainforest. Bring a raincoat with you, if you have one. Be prepared! As they say in Norway: «Det finnes ikke dårlig vær. Det finnes bare dårlige klær» – There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.


Arriving in Bergen

If you’re flying in, take the Airport Express Coach (Flybussen) to the city center – it takes only 30 minutes. The bus stop is located just outside Bergen Flesland Airport and departures are every 15 min. If you’re arriving by train, the Railway station is right in the city center at a walking distance from basically any hotel.

Bergen is a very cozy and a compact city and while in the city center it’s very easy to get around by foot. The venues of Borealis 2018 are quite close to each other and you can easily walk from one to another.

You can of course take a cab, but it’s relatively expensive, and unless you have an urgent need to get somewhere far from the city center really fast, then we recommend the cheaper alternative. In any case, if you need to call a cab – Bergen taxi +47 55 99 70 00.


We have hotel deals with Augustin Hotel, Grand Hotel Terminus and Hotel Zander K. All in central Bergen and with a special discount for Borealis visitors. When booking rooms, use the link www.debergenske.no and type the code “bore123” in the Promo Code and then enter date and number of people. Festival prices will then appear.

Where to eat & drink

Below you will find our favorite restaurants and cafes. Norwegians are one of the nations who drink the most coffee in the world.

Landmark Café
Rasmus Meyers allé 5

Øvre Korskirkeallmenning 5

Godt Brød
Vetrlidsallmenningen 19

Vaskerelven 14

Kafe Special
Christies gate 13

Bergen Kaffebranneri
Kong Oscars gate 10

Rasmus Meyers allé 9

Skostredet 5

Christiesgate 11

Tourist in Bergen: a quick start guide

You should first try finding Festplassen. This is the main square in the city with a lake called «Lille Lungegårdsvann», right next to it. Use it as your starting/reference point.

Start off by keeping the lake at your right hand, and look straight ahead. If you raise your eyes you should see a small mountain, with a building on top of it. This is Mt Fløyen, and we recommend you to try to get to the top during your stay. If you turn your head slightly to the right you should see another mountain, slightly taller, with a large «antenna» on top. This mountain is Ulriken, another one of our city mountains.

On the other side of the lake you can see Bystasjonen, where most bus-lines connect. The building on the left of this is the Public Library, and left of the library you will see the train station. If you turn your head a little bit to the right you’ll see some buildings marked KODE. KODE is the collective name of all the art museums in the city of Bergen. In between these you’ll find Bergen Kunsthall.

With Lille Lungegårdsvann behind you, cross two roads, pass the Ole Bull statue and you will come to Torgallmenningen.

Venues and How to get there

Bergen is a small city. We’re really not joking. All of our venues can be reached easily on foot but, it’s, of course, up to you how much you want to get to know this part of our city culture.
We’ve made this map for you (Google Maps). Here you can see all of the venues, the Hotel Augustin and Festplassen for easy references.

Studio Bergen, Nøstegaten 119

Standing on Festplassen, turn your back to the water, wait for the green man and cross the road towards the flower surrounded music pavilion. Walk straight ahead, across another road, past the statue of Ole Bull, past a big blue tilted stone shaped like a rectangle, walk up towards the grey building in front of you (The National Stage, Bergen, Norways oldest permanent theatre), and turn left when the road does. Turn right and follow the street that is called Engen as it turns into Jonsvollskvartalet, and follow it until the end. You are now in Nøstegaten which is the street of Studio Bergen. Take right, pass the Bunnpris grocery store on your left, walk 300 meters, and you will be at the venue, which is a white building with its name written on the wall.

Important Information

As in many Scandinavian countries, alcohol prices, sale and consumption comply with strict laws that differ from other countries in the world. Please note that it is forbidden to consume alcohol in public places such as the streets or parks. Breaking this rule may result in a fine from the police. There are two shops in the city centre that sell wine and spirits:

Most of our venues have age restrictions because they sell alcohol in the bar. If you are under the age of 18, you can still attend the concerts in company of an adult. Just bring this form filled out and signed by an adult on the day of the event. No age restrictions at family events and talks.