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Welcome to the Borealis Digital Library, where we ask composers and performers visiting the festival to suggest some inspirational music and literature!

Composer Lina Lapelyte

Borealis: Which piece of music keeps amazing you?
Lina Lapelyte: I get amazed by different pieces all the time! but recently got back to this one – «post industrial boys» by Georgian poet/ composer Gogi Dzodzuashvili – that amazed me quite a few years back 

B: The most mind blowing book I’ve ever read?
LL: I still need to finish reading it – will do that while at the Borealis I hope: I Love Dick by Chris Kraus.

B: Your guilty pleasure to watch or read?
LL: I feel guilty that i don´t watch or read enough for having pleasure. Well actually – I was researching Monteverdi last summer and realized that this video made me to come back to it for the search of pleasure!

Composer Christian Wolff

Borealis: What piece of music continues to amaze you?
Christian Wolff: There are quite a few, but if you want just one, try Thomas Tallis «Spem In Alium«, for 40 voices, sometimes all independent, that is, in 40 part counterpoint, written some time in the latter part of the 16th century.

B: And a book that blows your mind?
CW: Once again, there’s no single one. How about Proust, Remembrance of Things Past?

B: And your gulty pleasure to watch or read?
CW: Pleasures when I read or listen are never guilty, just various.

Composer Emily Hall 

Borealis: What piece of music keeps amazing you?
Emily Hall: I have chosen a little piece, Bartok’s Romanian Folk Dance number 3. Its harmonic progression is so exquisite I played it in a string orchestra as a teenager it gave me the feeling then and I still get that feeling now just thinking about it.

B: What´s the most mind blowing book you´ve ever read?
EH: This question is punishing! But a few which made a deep impression on me are Kafka’s «Metamorphosis«. The atmosphere of that house and how Gregor felt in his reincarnation as a massive spider made a permanent imprint in my mind. Non-fiction, British artist Tracy Emin’s autobiography «Strangeland» I find her candour and honesty so strong, something which defines all her work and something I very much aspire to.

B: And a guilty pleasure?
EH: On the screen I’ll go a big range from high brow to seriously trashy (rom coms/reality) but time for reading is sacred and rare for me so I just read the good stuff.

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