asamisimasa - photo by J.Norvik

Six young composers from nyMusikk’s Composers Group (nyMusikks Komponistgruppe, NMK) have in the course of 2015 and 2016 written new pieces for Norwegian ensemble asamisimasa. For NMK and asamisimasa the only requirement for the project was for it to be innovative and uncompromising, apart from that the composers were given carte blanche. However, it is possible to intuit a common feature amongst the different projects – all composers deal with how a piece can be grown from one single point of departure: How a fragment can influence both the music’s immediate character and its overall form, how recordings of sounds from our daily life or nature can provide a breeding ground for musical material, or how the soundscapes for a piece arise out of the peculiar characteristics of one single instrument.

NMK is a group for young composers and sound artists establishing themselves in Norway. NMK arranges concerts, workshops, talks and forums and collaborates with professional musicians, ensembles and festivals both in Norway and internationally.

Presented in collaboration with nyMusikks Komponistgruppe.
Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.


Work of:
Ansgar Beste
David Stephen Grant
Gregor Riddell
Jonas Skaarud
Martin Rane Bauck
Tine Surel

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