This page will help you out with some practical info on how to get around the city, where to stay, how to get to our venues, weather and some local tips. We want you to get the best of Borealis and Bergen.


First of all: bring warm and waterproof clothing. March is almost springtime and the temperatures will be sneaking in to the plus zone, but it’s worth to remember that Bergen has the same amount of rainy days as a rainforest. Bring a raincoat with you, if you have one. Be prepared! As they say in Norway: «Det finnes ikke dårlig vær. Det finnes bare dårlige klær» – There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.


So, Bergen. A small city. We are really not joking. Almost all of our venues can be reached easily on foot. It’s, of course, up to you how much you want to get to know this part of our city culture. We give you some tips on the public transport as well.

The opening concert at Bergen Arkitekthøgskole (BAS) is the only venue we recommend for you to learn about our public transport system. This is of course a concert you really shouldn’t miss, so luckily it’s easy to get the hang of our buses!

We have also made this map for you in Google Maps. Here you can see all of the venues. Also we have included Hotel Augustin and Festplassen for easy references.

(Rasmus Meyers Allé 5)
These venues are located in the very same building, the one withteh green colour, right next to Festplassen. Getting here we suggest you take a nice little stroll, from wherever you should find yourself in the city. It is after all the easiest and quickest way.
In addition to all concerts and events here, we also have the Festival Office here every day from Wednesday to Sunday, open 11.00-16.00. Here you find our nice staff to answer all questions, find all the info you need and you can pick up your festival tickets.

TÅRNSALEN – KODE 4 (Rasmus Meyers Allé 9)
Tårnsalen is located in the top of the museum building called KODE 4. Tårnsalen is the round tower on the top. It’s just a few steps way from Bergen Kunsthall.

(Kong Christian Frederiks Plass 4)
Walking Southeast of Tårnsalen, towards a neighborhood called Møhlenpris, you will find a really nice park called Nygårdsparken. If you at the start of the park turn south towards the fjord, look for a big red building with a sign written BKB which stands for Bergen Kaffebrenneri (local coffee roaster and café). And right next to this nice coffee shop you will find Cornerteatret, the green building. It is about a 20 minutes walk from Festplassen. If you wish to shorten the walk in itself you could take the tram to Florida or a bus to Møhlenpris, but in total this would probably take longer time. Why not take the opportunity to see the beautiful Nygårdsparken?

VILVITE (Thormøhlens gate 51)
VilVite is a few blocks away from Cornerteateret. The closest bus- and tram stop to VilVite is Florida, from here you only need to walk 5 minutes to get to the venue. You have three alternatives:

Tram (Bybanen): Byparken – Lagunen
Bus nr. 12: Smiberget – Montana
Bus nr. 21: Lagunen – Haukeland sykehus – Bergen busstasjon

 (Vaskerelven 8)
Returning to Festplassen, facing so that you have the lake on your left hand, walk along the street. After one block turn right and you’ll find yourself in the street Vaskerelven. Walk straight ahead and you’ll soon have Rom8 on your right hand side.

(Østre skostredet 3)
Back at Festplassen, keep the lake at your right hand side and walk straight ahead along the street. You’ll walk past our Town Hall on your right, and cross a street called Småstrandgaten. Next street on your right will be Vestre Skostredet. Walk one more block to Østre Skostredet, turn right and you should be able to spot the venue on your right hand side.

BIKS – Bergen Internasjonal Kultursenter (Kong Oscars gate 15)
If you follow the directions for Østre, but instead of turning right at Østre Skostredet you just keep on walking straight ahead until the end of the road. BIKS will be on your right hand, in the crossing of Skostrædet/Kong Oscars Gate.

BERGEN KJØTT (Sandvikstorget 1)
This venue is located in the part of Bergen called Sandviken. There are public transportation opportunities, loads of them in fact, but we suggest you take a look at the old part of the city of Bergen, with the famous docs (Bryggen), the fishmarket (Fisketorget) and the old houses dating from Bergen’s time as a hanseatic-town scattered around. If you walk along Bryggen (the docks) and just follow the main road around for 5 minutes, then you will see a concrete building with Bergen Kjøtt written on it, this is where you’re headed. But you could also make your own way through the narrower streets above the main road. Then you would get a look at the city from another angle, and we believe you’ll like it a lot.
If you wish to take a bus to Bergen Kjøtt, you go to Fisketorget and enter the bus at the opposite side to the water and you can take almost any buss from here:

Bus nr. 3: Støbotn, Bus nr. 4: Flaktveit, Bus nr. 5: Åsane Terminal, Bus nr. 6: Lønborglien.
You get off at the bus stop called Skutevikstorget, and just 20 steps back you’ll find the old meat factory. It’s a 4 minute bus ride from the city center.

BAS – Bergen Arkitekthøgskole
 (Skuteviksbodene 59)
Walking 8 minutes further way from Bergen Kjøtt you will arrive at BAS, Bergen School of Architecture, where we are holding the Opening Concert of Borealis 2016.
If you wish to take a bus to BAS, you go to Fisketorget and enter the bus at the opposite side to the water and you can take almost any buss from here:

Bus nr. 3: Støbotn, Bus nr. 4: Flaktveit, Bus nr. 5: Åsane Terminal, Bus nr. 6: Lønborglien
You get off at the bus stop called Sandvikstorget, head to the zebra crossing and BAS is the big concrete building up ahead. It’s a 5 minute bus ride from the city center.


If you’re flying in, take the Airport Express Coach (Flybussen) to the city center – it takes only 30 minutes. The bus stop is located just outside Bergen Flesland Airport terminal building and departures are every 15 min. The 3 main stops in the city are Festplassen, Torget and Bryggen. You can check any specific stops and timetables here. If you’re arriving by train, the Railway station is right in the city center at a walking distance from basically any hotel.

Bergen is a very cozy and a compact city and while in the city center it’s very easy to get around by foot. The venues of Borealis 2016 are quite close to each other and you can easily walk from one to another. However, if you should wish to take public transport, please go to

You can of course take a cab, but they are relatively expensive, and unless you have an urgent need to get somewhere far from the city center really fast, then we recommend the cheaper alternative. In any case, if you need to call a cab – Bergen taxi 07000


Augustin Hotel, in central Bergen, has a special discount for Borealis visitors. When booking rooms, type “FESTIVAL” in the Corporate/Promotional code and then enter date and number of people. Festival prices will then appear.


First of all, you should try finding Festplassen. This is the main square in the city with a lake right next to it. Using it as your starting/reference point. Here’s easy guide to “how to get all the tourist pictures you need from Bergen”.

Start off by keeping the lake at your right hand, and look straight ahead. The building in front of you is our Town Hall. If you raise your eyes you should see a small mountain, with a building on top of it. This is Mt Fløyen, and we recommend you to try to get to the top during your stay. If you turn your head slightly to the right you should see another mountain, slightly taller, with a large «antenna» on top. This mountain is Ulriken, another one of our city mountains.

On the other side of the lake you can see Bystasjonen, where most bus-lines connect. The building on the left of this is the Public Library, and left of the library you will see the train station. If you turn your head a little bit to the right you’ll see some buildings marked KODE. KODE is the collective name of all the art museums in the city of Bergen. In between these you’ll find Bergen Kunsthall.

Above these you should be able to see the roof of a large concrete building. This is Grieghallen, the big concert hall in Bergen. Named after the world famous Bergen composer Edvard Grieg. If you have time you should at least pay the statue of him in front of Grieghallen a visit. It is life sized. Grieg was only 152 cm tall! Grieghallen is where the excellent Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra plays, one of the oldest orchestras in the world. They just celebrated their 250-year anniversary.


Venues such as Landmark, Østre, BAS, Bergen Kjøtt and Cornerteateret have age restrictions because they sell alcohol in the bar. If you are under the age of 18, you can still attend the concerts in company of an adult. Just bring this form filled out and signed by an adult on the day of the event.