borealisfestival is on Mixlr

Radio Space is back! A radio art platform for Bergen, initiated by Borealis in 2015, streaming online 24 hours a day during the festival and throughout March. Tune in here to become part of the festival’s home listening experiment. With work for broadcast by renowned international sound artists, radio artists and composers, this year Radio Space will also collaborate to feature work commissioned by radio art platforms Radiophrenia (UK) and The Lake (DK). This is your chance to sit back, relax and listen to experimental sounds delivered directly into your living room – tune in to Radio Space and invite your friends!

1. Benjamin Belinska & Elodie A. Roy – Cathcart Collage (Radiophrenia)
2. Barry Burns – 23 Minutes To Go
3. Charlotte Piene – The Ground Grew Downwards
4. Daniel Cioloccini – Orpheus (Radiophrenia)
5. Peter Meanwell – Drawing Room Confessions – The Madeleine
6. Nick Santos Pedro & Eleanor Vonne Brown – #QBOCHAT
7. Elizabeth Veldon & Jim Colquhoun – Double Bill (Radiophrenia)
8. Gwendolen Von Einsiedel – On The Zydeco Trail
9. Carl Michael Von Hausswolff – A Bee Called Ramon (The Lake Radio)
10. Gry Bagøien – Valley Of The Whales (The Lake Radio)
11. Hildur Gudnadottir – Folk Fae Andlit, People Get Faces (The Lake Radio)
12. Jan Hoegh Stricker – So It Has To Be Dark (The Lake Radio)
13. Jana Winderen – Tasersuaq (The Lake Radio)
14. Kasper Vang – 45 Runout Grooves (The Lake Radio)
15. Klara Lewis – Shall-Should (The Lake Radio)
16. Maia Urstad – Rush Hour Drive (The Lake Radio)
17. Pejk Malinovski – Slipper Hero (The Lake Radio)
18. Skuli Sverrisson – Sleep Marks (The Lake Radio)
19. Jennie Savage – Guide To Getting Lost (Radiophrenia)
20. Li Jianhong – The Portrait Of Sleep-Talker
21. Joel Cahen – Cacophonic! Bowie Special
22. Jon Auman – China Diary
23. Julia Scott- The Only Still There Were Men And Women (Radiophrenia)
24. Kathryn Elkin – Mud Nostalgia Fantasy Cantata (Radiophrenia)
25. Lin Li – I Cannot Remember My Mother’s Voice (Radiophrenia)
26. Lisa Busby – Negoatiating With The Dead (Radiophrenia)
27. Mark Vernon – Domestic Weather
28. Nichola Scrutton – Sonnets (Radiophrenia)
29. Arturas Bumsteinas – Organ Archipelago
30. Peter Lenaerts – Beare Park
31. Rebecca Wilcox & Amelia Bywater – Drawing Each Other Over (Radiophrenia)
32. Rebecka Ahvenniemi – Banalala
33. Sean Burn – Bastilles Englan (Radiophrenia)
34. Shelly Nadashi – A Hidden Quiet Pocket (Radiophrenia)
35. Signe Liden – Puddefjorden
36. Stuart Gurden – Lat3r_r3fl3ct10n5 (Radiophrenia)
37. The Psychogeographical Commission – Widdershins (Radiophrenia)
38. Thomas Leyland-Collins – Cornucopia (Radiophrenia)
39. Tim Parkinson – Untitled Tape Installation 1996
40. Valter Volpe – No Request Line
41. Vikki Morton – Collected Works (Radiophrenia)
42. Vavabond – Accelerate

Presented in collaboration with BEK.
Supported by Fritt Ord.