• Exhibition : The Guest

  • Wednesday, 08.03
  • 14.00 – 18.00
  • Rom 8, Vaskerelven 8
  • Alexandra Azanova
    Julia Cremers
    Laurie Lax
    Marianne Løvvik
    Ida Olsson Emma Sjövall
    Belia Winnewisser

8th–12th March , 14.00–18.00 (exhibition opens Tuesday, 7th March, 18.00)

Gestures of welcoming and reception are central to the experiences of relating to others. To lend a hand, to open the door, to pause in response to another’s presence provide important conditions for deepening recognition, especially across lines of difference. These expressions also carry into the home, where the privacy of the domestic is at times opened up to others, leading us to play the host and to construct an atmosphere of welcome. There are other times when the “performance” of hosting is broken by the intrusion of others: noisy neighbours, unexpected strangers, and even criminal break-ins, these challenge the boundaries of the private home and rupture the measured exchange between host and guest.

Hospitality, and the experience of domestic openness, leads us to questions of borders and boundaries. How do nations additionally enact forms of hospitality? Border policies, for instance, manifest ideas of a nation of welcome and dramatically condition ports of arrival. Borders and gates, customs controls and visa procedures carry the weight of national sovereignty, while expressing hospitable or inhospitable structures of control and free passage.

Considering these expressions and dynamics of welcome and reception, The Guest is an exhibition of works reflecting on what it means to be hospitable. The works use sound and listening as material, locating us as listeners and staging the medium of sound as one of inter-subjectivity: how sound and listening provide an important and sensitive channel for deepening recognition.

Presented in collaboration with Fakultet for kunst, musikk og design, UiB.

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