• Jonáš Gruska : Build your
    own Elektrosluch

  • Saturday, 11.03
  • 10.00–13.00
  • Bergen Offentlige Biblioteket
  • Jonáš Gruska

Tickets for the Workshop are LIMITED (10 only) and NOT INCLUDED in the Festival Pass.

How can we hear electromagnetic waves, the energy that is emitted by all the machines that make up our everyday lives? In this workshop Slovak experimental artist and creator of musical instruments, Jonáš Gruska, is going to lead you in the making of a unique device named Elektrosluch. This time in a new, upgraded version: Elektrosluch Mini City. The Elektrosluch is an open-source device for electromagnetic listening. It allows one to discover sonic worlds of electromagnetic fields that are invisible yet a present part of our environment. Since its creation the Elektrosluch has become a popular tool amongst many musicians, field recordists, sound designers and even ghost hunters.

After the workshop you can plug your headphones directly in to the new miniaturised version of Elektrosluch, and explore your surroundings.
No previous soldering skills are required. There will be a short soldering tutorial at the beginning of the workshop.


Jonáš Gruska is presented as part of the Fresh Air project
‘Fresh Air: Current tendencies in music, cinema, theatre and media art’ is a collaboration with A4 and NEXT festival in Bratislava, and supported by EEA Grants and the Government Budget of the Slovak Republic.


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