about borealis

Borealis is a festival for experimental music. A place where we celebrate the music that falls between the gaps. A place for adventurous listening.

Bringing together new musical experiments from Bergen, Norway and around the world, Borealis occupies the city for 5 days each March, taking over the art galleries, concert halls and warehouse spaces, with concerts, installations, talks and films. Borealis works with living composers, sound artists, improvisers and musicians, to develop projects that rearrange the furniture of the musical world, to question our assumptions about what music is and where it can go. We do not stick to one type or genre of music, but open the doors to the most adventurous and innovative music makers to bring us something new.

Borealis is open for everybody; for the first time listener to the seasoned musicologist, from the very smallest to the oldest and wisest. At Borealis we are all exploring together.

The first official Borealis festival was held in March 2004. Borealis was founded the year before as a result of a merging between the two festivals Music Factory and Autunnale.



Chair of the Board: Tone Tjemsland
Board members: Nina Malterud, Jostein Gundersen, Jeremy Welsh and Kjetil Traavik Møster.
Vara: Åsa Løvgren and Jiska Huizing


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