• Mårten Spångberg: News From the Last of the International Hot Shots / Natten

  • 09.03 – 25.03
  • Hordaland Kunstsenter, Klosteret 17
  • Opening hours Hordaland Kunstsenter:
    Wed–Sun 12–18
    Entrance fee: NOK 20 (free for students, children, pensioners and art professionals)

The acclaimed Swedish choreographer Mårten Spångberg opens his latest exhibition at Hordaland Kunstsenter that draws on his epic journey into the dark of the night, Natten. This new work transposes the texts at the heart of his 2016 dance piece in to a series of multi-layered audio readings each wrapped up in a unique sound collage constructed by Spångberg himself.

“A young American woman reading an introduction to art moderne. A girl with a nose too prominent for her voice. Paintings that aren’t what they appear to be. Imposters (a whole group), seductive and black, impossible to neglect because they are recognisable. A French novelist using short staccato sentences. The darkness that sweeps in, that drops on us like a grey blanket, is like the front desk of a middle sized office building. Prominent darkness rises, a darkness’s darkness, drained also of the traces of something. Night is the double circle devouring itself as its bodies turn into erogenous landscapes. Everything is equally and now. With a starting point in choreography Swedish artist Mårten Spångberg undermines practices and formats, blurring boundaries and media and emphasising the withdrawing tangibility of experience. Nothing is on show here, but out of nothing emerges a liquid darkness that floods our minds. The voice comes back and turns around like Robert Pattinson.”

Description of Morten Spångberg’s audio podcast by the same name of the exhibition.

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