Borealis Listening Club

Borealis Listening Club is monthly free event where we explore different experimental sound- worlds, watch short films and talk about music. Borealis Listening Club is open for everybody from the first time listener to the seasoned musicologist. Here you will hear music and sounds you may have never heard before, and meet people who work with experimental music in many different genres.Every month we have a new guest who shares music and stories with the Club, and on the couch always sits our regular listening hosts: artistic director of  Borealis Peter Meanwell and musician Vilde Tuv. There are always freshly popped popcorn on the tables, and the bar is open and serves refreshments both with and without alcohol.

Borealis Listening Club was established in November 2015. The festival wanted to be more present and visible throughout the year and not just a curiosity that appeared for 5 days once a year. Truly inspired by the deeper listening often mentioned in experimental music, we created this club where people can gather, play music, listen and talk together. We also dedicated ourselves to bring musicians and artists as guests to bring new perspectives into the conversations about music, and to create a platform where people can get to know all the exceptional artists working in the experimental field. Some of the previous guests of Borealis Listening Club are Pauline Oliveros, Knut Vaage, Rebecka Ahvenniemi, Freja Bäckman, Smerz, Øyvind Torvund, m.m.


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