• Borealis 2019 – a fantastic celebration of new sounds and ideas

Borealis 2019 was an amazing celebration of sound and musicdifferent ways of being, and collective listening5 days of sold out events and an audience who moved through a sea of ideasemotions and sounds, creating connections, having conversations and exploring together.

The five days started with a one-off collaboration with the elnicho festival from Mexico City, featuring new music from Øyvind Torvund performed by the Norwegian BIT20 Ensemble and the Mexican ensemble Liminar, surprising use of the tongue as a musical instrument by Diego Espinosa Cruz Gonzalez, food from the local Bonanza Café Collective and films from Manuela De Laborde, who also presented a new work with Jenny Berger Myhre that took an intimate snapshot of the sounds and feelings of Mexico City – even for those who have never been there.

The festival days continued with engaging conversations and musical and artistic reflections – both full of humour, but at the same time serious – talking about the time and the bodies we live in, consent, erasure and much more. We listened to music, radio art and discussions; witnessed performance and dance; ate ice cream from Hallaisen, drank tea from Tedragen, and Borealis beer from Ekangersmuget; we participated in genre-defying, transformative, emotion-filled sessions with Borealis Artist in Residence Jenny Moore; had our prejudices challenged and inhaled new ideas from all over the world. Music was played and sonic experiments undertaken in 16 different venues across the city of Bergen, from the outdoor swimming pool to the local piano shop, from the multiplex cinema to the public library – all the while the snow, the sun, the rain and the wind were underscoring the ever-changing nature of what we were hearing.

Many thanks to everyone who came, to all the composers and artists, and to everyone who helped create Borealis 2019!

Pictures from those 5 lovely days in March! 

The whole festival on icareifyoulisten.com 
The whole festival on National Sawdust Log.org
The whole festival on Kunstkritikk.no – in Danish
The whole festival on 5against4.com (in two parts)
Sounding Bodies on ballade.no – in Norwegian
♥ LOVE and TIME TIME TIME on Seismograf.org – in Danish
Interviews and music from Borealis 2019 on NRK’s radio programme “Spillerom Søndag” – in Norwegian & English:
17th of March – interviews with Jessie Marino, Jenny Berger Myhre etc
24th of March – interviews with Jenny Moore, Peter Meanwell etc


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