Borealis Ung Komponist 2020/21

Agnes Hvizdalek

Photo: Lisi Charwat

As a singer and improvising musician, Agnes Hvizdalek explores the relationship between intuition and reflection, the individual, the collective and the environment. Throught Borealis Ung Komponist she’ll be making music performed by others for the first time. From an early age, she has dedicated her life to new music and incorporates her fascination with the human voice in her abstract vocal music. Her unconventional educational path took her everywhere around the phenomena of organized sound, from Cultural Anthropology, Musicology and Phonetics to Project Management and Leadership. She attended jazz-singing classes and courses about composition, improvised and contemporary music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and learned a lot via collaborations and by teaching herself. Agnes was born in Austria in 1987 and moved to Norway in 2008.

Mirte Bogaert

Photo: Maria Baoli

Mirte Bogaert is a choreographer and dancer. She graduated from School for New Dance Oslo in 2014, and finished her studies at P.A.R.T.S. – Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in Brussels in 2017–2018. Mirte creates projects in the field of the performing arts, but always works cross-disciplinary in different collaborations. Even though her career focuses on dance and choreography she’s always had a strong investment in music, and has participated in courses with composers and musician like Robyn Schulkowsky, Luc Vaes and Stephan Prins. In recent years she has focused on combining sound, text and movement in choreographic structures. Bringing together these media, Mirte creates graphic scores, which are both applied as tools for translation between different media. As well as functioning as an artistic product along with or instead of the performance.

Tord Kalvenes

Photo: Sigrun Risa

Tord Kalvenes holds a master’s degree in Musicology from the University of Oslo. He has also studied composition and conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music. As a composer Tord has collaborated with several ensembles, mainly within the sphere of church and vocal music. In 2020 his piece Missa De Lumine was nominated in the category “Work of the Year” for the Music Publishing price – Musikkforleggerprisen. The mass was premiered by Bergen Domkor at Festspillene 2019. In 2017 Tord started the vocal ensemble Tabula Rasa – a Bergen based ensemble working with conceptual productions, improvisation and modern expressions. A lot of his music has been published through Cantando Musikkforlag and Norsk Noteservice.

Vegar Guleng

Photo: Anette Guleng

Vegar Guleng started taking piano lessons at the age of six, and was challenged to compose early on. In his early 20’s he studied composition with Wolfgang Plagge, as well as at the University of Oslo. He later moved to Trondheim where he continued his studies, and in 2018 he completed his Masters in Composition with Ståle Kleiberg as his Professor. Summers 2018 and 2019, Vegar attended the international summer school Musica Soundmine in Belgium, led by Belgian composer Wim Henderickx. In the aftermath he has composed works for Antwerp Symphony Orchestra and HERMESensemble.

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