• Composer and Singer – 10th October

How does a new work come in to being? What does the composer actually do between getting a commission and us hearing the piece? Do the musicians even get a say in what happens? Fresh out of a workshop with BIT20 Ensemble, Norwegian composer Sigurd Fischer Olsen will be in conversation with vocalist Sofia Jernberg about a new piece they will premiere at Borealis in March 2016. They´ll be talking about the piece´s conception, from development to realisation, and the ups and downs on route to the concert hall.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to have the amazing vocal talent of Sofia Jernberg in Bergen and not hear her voice. Equally happy on the opera stage, with free jazz players, or writing her own music, Sofia´s voice is a uniquely versatile instrument. Tonight she´ll be performing a first time collaboration with another multi-talented player, Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach, whose dynamic solo sets and work with bands Dans les arbres, Huntsville and Mural (amongst others), brings new meaning to a simple percussion set up.


Presented in collaboration with BIT20 Ensemble

Doors – and the bar, opens at 19.30.
The conversation starts at 20.00 in the café and the concert takes place in the gallery.
Free entrance.


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