• First release Borealis 2020!

Borealis 2020 is closer than you think! 

For our first programme release we present a new commission in collaboration with The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance – Carte Blanche. We’ve brought together some of the most dynamic and visionary artists in Norway to merge experimental pop and contemporary dance, for Borealis 2020. The duo Smerz – Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg – have recieved high acclaim for their two albums Okey (2017) and Have Fun (2018), making addictive and experimental pop music that imagines the sound of the future. For the commission Øy they will be working together with Carte Blanche dancer Ole Martin Meland as choreographer. Together they find inspiration in horror, Russian hooligans, chamber music and muscles. Written for seven Carte Blanche dancers the music will be performed live by Smerz. 

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