• New design and new partnership


We’re really excited about our new design and soon you’ll see it plastered across the walls of Bergen. We’ve been working closely with our designer Thomas Bush, and so we asked him to say a few words about it: “The identity for 2017 is stimulated by the multiplicity of spaces, performers, movements, and atmospheres which compose Borealis, and the connections which exist between these things. It is possible that the route it offers is not the most linear or straightforward, but hopefully this gives us the opportunity to make discoveries beyond our expectations. Expression of this comes through what I can only describe as an harmonious cacophany of typeface, colour and line.”

This month we’re also announcing a major new partnership with NEXT, the leading festival of exploratory music in Slovakia – and we’ll be heading to Bratislava at the end of the month to start the development of three projects that will be coming to Borealis in March.

Radical melodies, spontaneous improvisation – the NEXT festival in Bratislava has long been an exciting showcase for the kinds of music that Borealis celebrates, so we’re thrilled to be part of the Fresh Air project, bringing together Norwegian and Slovakian audiences and artists for performances that will feature at both festivals: Drums – a new commissioned piece that explores the limits of the drum kit, bringing together 4 diverse voices in international drumming, and four drum kits; Threnoscope – a spatialised microtonal drone instrument, developed by composer and live-coder Thor Magnusson, which he uses in improvised performance; and Slovakian field recordist and sound enthusiast Jonáš Gruska will be bringing his inventive instruments to Bergen for a special site-specific installation and workshop. Click on the link to learn more about each event.

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