• part wild horses mane on both sides:
    Family workshop

  • Kelly Jayne Jones (flute, electronics) Pascal Nichols (drums, electronics)

The artists and musicians Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols form part wild horses mane on both sides – a consistently idiosyncratic duo who defy experiential boundaries in installation and performance. For Bergen Kunsthall and Borealis 2015, they will establish an archive of recorded sounds from Bergen and elsewhere by collecting field recordings, found sounds and donated sounds. The archive will take the form of an audio cassette library and sound installation.

In this workshop for families they invite you to start building your own cassette archive. Together you will make cassettes, recording sounds around you with tape recorders and colourful cassettes and then finish their transformation into small pieces of art by decorating them. There will also be a range of sound making elements you can create your own sound art on such as speakers, contact microphones and underwater microphones.

Children of all ages are welcome, young ones should be accompanied by parents.

part wild horses mane on both sides will also play a concert at Landmark on Friday, 13 March.

Presented in collaboration with Bergen Kunsthall
Support from Hordaland Kunstsenter

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