• The Sounds of Bergen

Miniature Bergen-tiltshift

There is always sound. It is constantly around us. Some of those sounds grab our attention more than others. Borealis Festival is all about different sounds and the roles they (can) play.

We live in a time where we focus more and more on vision, both in and out of home. We watch all our screens, optimise our interior and dance with fashion. We orient by the mountains, look where we walk for safety or aesthetics. Those all are beautiful things. But what happens when you stop for a second and treat your ears, is pretty amazing.

Every place on earth has specific sounds that are always there. They give character to the city.

Here are ten sounds which we think give character to Bergen! We have two festival passes to give away to whoever is most accurate!

Send your answers to rick@borealisfestival.no
We will announce a winner on Wednesday afternoon.

Tip: be as specific as possible.

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