• Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week is happening in Norway for the first time this week! Organised in Bergen by local organisations SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance), Queer World West og PKI (Patient organisation for Gender Incongruence) there will be an extra focus on Arabic speaking communities offering both the programme and some events in Arabic. There will be listening sessions, conversations and radio shows – all digital! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on how you can participate in this important event.

For Transgender Awareness Week we will be taking a dive into our archive and post pictures to amplify the work of trans/ non-binary artists who have performed at the festival in the past; follow our Instagram during the week.

Borealis is a festival for experimental music and has existed since 2004. In adition to organising a festival we put an emphasis on using the platform we’ve been given to contribute to creating the society we want to see in the future. Borealis wants to represent diversity, on and off the stage and in the audience. We salute and support SAGA, Skeiv Verden Vest and PKI who are working to amplify trans related issues and are thrilled that this week is finally being organised in Norway so we can all learn and develop our awareness around transgender issues.

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