• Borealis in Video and Sound

Here are a selection of VIDEO and SOUND for each year of the festival.
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Borealis 2020

Borealis 2020 summed up!

Programme launch video – Borealis 2020

Ole Martin Meland, Smerz & Carte Blanche – Øy (teaser)

Elaine Mitchener about SWEET TOOTH

Carmina Escobar on Mount Fløyen

Borealis 2019

Borealis 2019 in 1 minute

Borealis 2019 in under 6 minutes!
What is Borealis?

Jessie Marino – Nice Guys Win Twice (TEASER)
Borealis 2019 programme launch

Borealis 2018

Summery of Borealis 2018

The Return of the Sponge People

Papillon and the Dancing Cranes
Bli Med! Sign Up!

Radical Hospitality
Programme Launch

Sammendrag av Borealis 2017
Sammendrag av Borealis 2016
Sammendrag av Borealis 2015

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Talks, concerts and other Borealis moments on record

Borealis 2020

Borealis 2019

Bergen Student Radio – interviews with Carmina Escobar, Jessie Marino, Tine Rude, Jenny Moore, Rakel Nystabakk, Harald Jordal Johannesen and Jenny Berger Myhre.

Stance Podcast at Borealis 2019 – Episode 27
Stance Podcast – Episode 27

Lydkunst Podcast (kunsten.nu) at Borealis 2019 – Episode 49

Spillerom Søndag 5 May – NRK P2 – Interview with SFMK (Norwegian) + recording of Therese B. Ulvo’s “Excavation” and Ørjan Matre’s “Instant Music” performed by SFMK at Borealis 2019
Spillerom søndag – 5. mars

Spillerom Søndag 24 March – NRK P2 – Piece on Jenny Moore + recording of James Clapperton’s piece “Doroga Zhizni” performed by SFMK at Borealis 2019

Spillerom Søndag 17 March – NRK P2 – Interview with Jessie Marino, Jenny Berger Myhre and Borealis Ung Komponist participants 18/19

Spillerom main broadcast 7 March – NRK P2 – Interview with journalist Marion Hestholm about Borealis 2019 + interview with composer Marcelo Toledo

Borealis 2018

Talks organized during the festival:

Talks organized during the festival:

Concerts organized during the festival:
Thor Magnusson : Fermata/Völuspá

Andreas Borregaard : Solo-Act

Talks organized during the festival:

Concerts organized during the festival::
Jlin and Egyptian Females Music Sessions on NTS Live

BIT20 Spiller Sigurd Fischer Olsen & Santiago Dìez-Fischer on NRK
Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 16.08.26

Concert organized during Borealis Listening Club:
Sigurd Fischer Olsen & Sofia Jernberg in Conversation (October 2015)

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