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Borealis 2021 is on its way! We were the last festival in Norway to be held before the lockdown in 2020, and since then we have all had a different year. The situation has influenced us to think in new, local and sustainable ways. We have planned for a festival that can take place even under strict infection control measures, with a digital and physical, indoor and outdoor presence. The volunteers are an important part of what we know as the Borealis atmosphere, and we are very happy that we’re able to invite you along this year too!

As a volunteer you get to see how the festival works from the inside, meet  interesting new people, have great concert experiences and last but not least you get certified work experience. Borealis takes infection control seriously, and will make sure that coming to work is safe. 

If you have any questions about being a volunteer at Borealis 2021 do not hesitate to get in touch with Vilde Tuv and Emilie Fanor-Fontaine: frivillig@borealisfestival.no.

We hope you want to join us!

Areas of work Borealis Volunteer 2021

Tickets and Information
Are you an organized person? Do you like to talk to people? As part of the Ticket and Information Team you’ll be selling and checking tickets at the door at various venues, as well as running the Festival Office where guests and local artists come to pick up their accreditation. You are often the first face of Borealis that the audience meet, so we’re looking for friendly people that can keep calm when it gets busy. Before showing up to duty, you’ll be asked to get extra familiar with the festival and the program, so that you can answer questions about tickets, covid restrictions, shows and venues, or pass them on to the right channels within the festival

Festival Kitchen
Do you like cooking? From the festival kitchen take part in making sure all Borealis artists, delegates, volunteers and employees fill both tummies and hearts! You’ll be guided by our amazing chefs that put their soul and hard work into making a Festival Kitchen that has everyone coming out of the festival healthy, happy and full. A lot of the time is spent in the kitchen preparing meals and sending out food to different venues. The job also includes making sure lunch and dinner is served safe and smooth according to current COVID-19 regulations. Our kitchen is known for making delicious, healthy, vegetarian food.

Festival Host 

Are you a social person, and like to work with people? As a festival host, youll be the first face of Borealis the audience meet when they get to the venue! Your job is to make them feel welcome and safe, show them direction and giving them the information they need. We want our festival hosts to get familiar with the program and the venue in advance, so you know where the accessible toilets are, and whats gonna happen when! Tasks can also include preparing or decorating the venue and cleaning up afterwards. Festival hosts will this year get tasks linked to helping guests, staff, artists and other volunteers keep the current routines for social distancing and infection control. Youre working on the venue where it all happens, and get to see and hear alot, ready with a helping hand.

Poster and Programme Book Distribution (start up January – free during the festival) (FULL!)
Spread the word! Do you like to go for long walks listening to podcasts and hang up posters? Or to drive around town delivering flyers to shopping malls, libraries and pizza restaurants? Invite your friends to experimental music-events on social media? Then this is the job for you. We need you to distribute our posters and flyers around the beautiful city of Bergen. Ensuring the visibility of the upcoming festival is your main task, and is a vital part of the marketing strategy of the festival. The working period is well in advance of the festival from January to March, which means you will be free during the festival.

Up for new adventures? The shift as a runner can involve a lot or different things! (And other times, not much at all..) In the course of a festival there are always things that need fixing. As a runner you’ll be the one helping out when and where needed. Runners can easily become the saviors of the day! You are the ones who’ll help us face the unforeseen. This job gives you an insight into lots of different areas of making a festival and the innermost workings and processes. It’s an advantage to know the city, or master the art of using maps on your phone.

Rigging (before, during and after the festival)
The riggers are the builders of the festival. Borealis is always on the move, making concerts happen in public spaces as well as concert halls. We make sure each space we move into, looks and feels like Borealis. Riggers help build stages, technical setup, making sure sound and light are in place, help carry speakers and instruments and much more. This job can include some heavy lifting, and late nights – but always in good company and as part of a team. You’ll get insight into what work is laid down before and after a concert, and how to produce a cultural event. You’ll also be involved in thinking about how a venue should look and be decorated for the audience to have the best possible experience as well as helping the artists amazing visions into life.

Do you know your way around Bergen by car, and like chatting with new people? Join the transport crew in their quest tomake sure that artists and guests get where they need to be, as well as helping the festival team with deliveries to and from the festival’s various venues. You’ll meet a bunch of amazing artists, delegates and crew, and be Borealis’ representative when they arrive. As a driver, it is a prerequisite that you can provide good service and help with luggage and pick up and drop-off. If you love people and/or cars – sign up! 

Shift Leader (FULL!)
Are you a good communicator who wants to take on extra responsibility? Then this might be the perfect job for you! We are searching for people who can lead groups of festival hosts or other volunteers during bigger events, and be the link between the volunteers and the venue producer. Your job is to make sure the volunteers know their specific tasks, and that it’s a nice shift for everyone involved. During Borealis 2021 you’ll have an extra responsibility that your venue is as safe as possible regarding infection-control and reinforce COVID-19 measures when needed.

What do we expect from you?

-We expect that you are able to work between 18-24 hours.

-That you notice us as early as possible if you need to quarantine, are sick, or have other problems getting to your shift on time. We rely on our volunteers!

-That you participate in meetings/required training before the festival.

-That you are acting friendly, professional and inclusive towards our audience and your colleagues. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism or homophobia!

-We ask you to wear the Borealis T-shirt when you are working so the audience will know who they can ask.

-That you are sober when working.

What can you expect from us?

-Exclusive access to open rehearsals, along with staff members and artists.

-Free access to concerts if capacity (we reserve a certain number for each show to volunteers).

-Training and clear work tasks.

-Borealis T-shirt and merch.

-Sandwich each day you’re working.

-Invitation to parties and facebookgroup for volunteers.

-Work certificate.

Questions, worries or thoughts? Please get in touch: frivillig@borealisfestival.no