• Daniel Slåttnes & Sara Rönnbäck – Conversation Between Bodies #11

  • 14.02 – 10.03
  • Aldea, C. Sundts Gate 55
  • Utstillingsåpning:
    Torsdag 14.02
    Lørdag 09.03 18:00–19:00
    Pris: Gratis

    Man–Ons 11.00–16.00
    Åpen hver dag under Borealis!
    Pris: Gratis

Conversation Between Bodies is a collaborative project between Daniel Slåttnes and Sara Rönnbäck, that has been developing since 2015. It has taken the form of an artist book as well as exhibitions in Norway and abroad.

Their exploration of inter-material relationships began between the artists themselves, and extended out to their cat, and to materials in their studio. The objects carry their own story, but also create new connections in the meeting with Daniel and Sara. In Conversation Between Bodies they assume that the art materials also have a will, and so collaborate to give the material the opportunity to express themselves.

Through their explorations they have realised that it is also difficult to communicate between us people. Many shades of meaning within verbal language fall into misinterpretations. Can we learn something about the understanding of “the other” by seeing our cat, a tree, or a stone differently?

As part of the closing night of their Aldea exhibition, Daniel Slåttnes and Sara Rönnbäck present a performance exploring inter-material relationships. Daniel and Sara wear full body suits with electrodes that pick up the electrical signals of the body. In the same manner, the objects are dressed in body suits with electrodes that amplify the object’s signals. These signals are transformed in to sound that fills the room. Together, both visually and sonically, they create a “superorganism” where the boundaries between me and you, this and that are wiped out. In the room we are all bodies or objects, depending on how much free will we are willing to ascribe to ourselves.

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