Agnes Ida Pettersen

Agnes Ida Pettersen lives and works as a composer in Oslo. Her compositions take inspiration from her large and diverse interest in music. Her intuitive approach draws musical ideas and inspiration from all sorts of contemporary and historic musical expressions – as well as everyday life. These ideas are combined with analytical and theoretical concepts of the musical material, as she searches for structural connections, fresh sounds as well as what can provide musical meaning in all the structures. Her focus is on the acoustic concert music, and she composes for various vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Her work has been performed by various Norwegian and international ensembles and musicians, like Ensemble Allegria, Vokal Nord and Terjungensemble. In 2020 she also released the album Bagateller as composer and the EP reharm.project as performer together with Eline Hellerud Åsbakk.

Photo: Nina Hurum

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