Andreas Borregaard

Andreas Borregaard plays the classical accordion, an instrument that few people link to classical music. Andreas is deeply attracted to the remarkably strong immersive quality of music. The feeling of reaching the core of music makes him blushingly happy, whether it’s as an audience, in his practice room or on stage. He considers it the highest privilege to get to share this feeling with other people. The two pieces Andreas will play at Borealis 2021 are part of his artistic PhD project Just Do It! – Exploring the Musician’s Use of Bodily Performance. Andreas.

Borregaard started playing the accordion at the age of 5 and had his international solo debut at age 26 with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Through an extensive career as soloist and chamber musician, Andreas Borregaard communicates the accordion’s fascinating qualities and palette of expressions to a wide audience. He collaborates with composers from all over Europe such as Jennifer Walshe, Bent Sørensen and Niels Rønsholdt and is actively influencing the development of this young instrument’s use and repertoire. 

Photo: Caroline Bittencourt

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