Kari Telstad Sundet

Kari Telstad Sundet is a Norwegian composer whose artistic focus is on the visual nature of music and sound, and on the way music can trigger our common associations and memories. Kari mainly writes chamber music, especially electro acoustic music, but she also writes purely electronic works, and purely acoustic pieces. She makes extensive use of field recordings and archive materials in much of her work. Kari holds a master’s degree in composition from the Grieg academy in Bergen, where she was taught by Morten Eide Pedersen. The commission of the piece “Reticence”, which will have its premiere at the Borealis festival, was funded by Morten Eide Pedersen’s memorial fund. Other teachers have included Pawel Lukaszewski at the Chopin academy in Warsaw, Trond Lossius and the performer of “Reticence”, Ricardo Odriozola.

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