Marion Hestholm

Marion Hestholm has worked as a music journalist in NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) since 2001. She has worked in NRK Classical and in the programmes Spillerom and Spillerom Sunday on P2, where she presents music by living composers for NRK Radio. She has also made radio portraits of great names like Mauricio Kagel, Kaija Saariaho, Vinko Globokar, Pauline Oliveros, Philip Glass and Unsuk Chin. Her name is to be found in the credits of series like Glimt og gufs fra norsk pophistorie (2012), Hipsterguiden, Om finkultur (2013) and Orkestermyter (2014). Marion has an education as piano teacher from Norwegian Academy of Music and a PhD in music technology from the University in Oslo, which dealt with assembly techniques in music from the 20th century. She regularly writes for and has contributed Norwegian and international publications about music technology.