Mogens Christensen

It has been said of Mogens Christensen that his music can be experienced as poems written with notes - but like all good poetry, the expressive power of Mogens Christensen's works goes hand in hand with a clear, structural awareness of rhythm and form. It has also been said that his music is surreal and at times brutal. Judge for yourself!

 In 1993 he had his official debut from the composer class at the Royal Danish Academy of Music for the year after to have an international breakthrough at the UNESCO forum for new composition music, International Rostrum of Composers with the chamber work Winterlight in a recording with Ricardo Odriozola and Helle Kristensen.

Since then, it has become a long list of works within i.e. chamber music, music for solo instruments and opera. He has been associated with orchestras as a composer-in residence four times, which has increased the list of works with a number of well-received works for orchestra and larger ensembles.

Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull

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