TCFX is a software performing on its own using machine learning and reinforcement learning. The worlds, scenery and objects are designed and programmed by Lars Holdhus and the software is programmed to decide its own path inside the different worlds. 

While navigating these specific worlds it also performs different musical compositions, unique each time you launch the software. The different scenes and worlds consist of digitally processed imagery and photographs taken by Lars Holdhus over a span of more than 10 years. These images are embedded in different scenes together with 3d scans of his current garden or forest nearby. TCFX is under continuous development and the goal for the software is to create an alternative to touring that would have a considerably less ecological footprint. The first version of TCFX premiered at Henie Onstad Art Center and the second version was presented at HKW. Each version of the software will have iterations, changes and developments depending on where it will be performed next.

Photo: Matthijs Diederiks

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