Astrid Groseth

Astrid Groseth is a dancer, choreographer and counselor. Her art practice consists of dance, choreography, text, and artistic direction of interdisciplinary works. The work is colored by Astrid's education and work experience, which crosses professional boundaries. In cross-genre collaborations, she finds a space of opportunity, where she facilitates so that everyone involved make use their resources in the best way. The process leading up to the result, is allowed to completely shape how the performances turn out. She is educated at, among others, the Norwegian Ballet Academy where she received a bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy and holds a master's degree from NTNU in Counseling Pedagogy. In 2021, Groseth has started the Strand Artist Residency, which is initiated, managed and run by herself. The residency is physically located at Groseth's place of residence and work in Ringsaker municipality in Innlandet County. Astrid's vision, in which the residency is also rooted in, is to have an art practice with deep respect and humility for nature, a strong focus on equality, diplomacy, democracy, and that art can reflect the vicissitudes of life.