Jenny Berger Myhre

Jenny Berger Myhre is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, video, performance and photography, based in Oslo, Norway. Her music is created from field recordings, fragments of melodies, computer generated sequences, modular synths and lo-fi electronics – resulting in soundscapes with references to both the electro-acoustic tradition as well as experimental pop music. Coming from a DIY background, Jenny's approach to music making is versatile and curious, with an apparent love for the quirky and unpolished. She is interested in personal stories, memories and everyday life. Her work revolves around archives, intimacy, reality and re-contextualisation. Since the release of her debut album Lint in 2017 she has also been working with musician and novelist Jenny Hval, contributing to, and touring with the performance The Practice of Love in 2019. For the past years, Jenny has made several commissions for public spaces and radio, and in 2022 she is releasing her second album Here Is Always Somewhere Else on Breton Cassette. 

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Photo: Gerda Krutaja