Kristine Tjøgersen

Kristine Tjøgersen from Oslo, Norway is a clarinettist and composer. She stands out on the contemporary music scene as a bold composer, taking special interest in the interplay between the visual and the auditory and how they affect each other. Her compositional practice is characterised by curiosity, imagination, humour and precision. Through her work she creates unexpected and absurd auditory situations through playing with tradition, often resulting in a particular strangeness. Her work opens up perceptions of the world as complex, alive, and ever changing and not heading towards a final climax.

Kristine has won multiple prizes for her composition and her works have been performed over large parts of Europe. As clarinettist she has performed at many of the major European new music festivals with the award winning ensembles Ensemble neoN, Tøyen Fil og Klafferi and asamisimasa.

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Photo: Frederic Boudin