Maja Nilsen

Maja Nilsen lives and works in Oslo, Norway and is a visual artist, set designer and costume designer. She works mainly with collage, cut-outs, sculpture and site-specific projects, and has completed several decorations, been purchased by public institutions, and participated in exhibitions in Norway and abroad. In her work, Maja is interested in how people have lived their lives and how we throughout history have tried to understand the world around us. How we seek explanations for complex questions and phenomena through science, mythology, religion and folk beliefs. Her art projects often live on the border between fiction and fact, where the correspondence between micro and macro is an important element, and where the large and small narratives meet in the span between autobiographical reference points and poetic dream worlds.

During the last ten years Maja has established herself in the field of performing arts, where she has mainly worked with theater in institutions such as Tr√łndelag Theater, The National Theater, the Norwegian Theater and the Schauspielhaus Vienna.

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