Marshall Trammell

Marshall Trammell is an experimental archivist, percussionist, conductor, and composer living in Oakland, Calfornia, also knows for his Music Research Strategies – a performing-political education for embodied social justice vernacular, organizational strategy, and alternative infrastructure development. His aesthetics and activism are centered in social change interventions and generate new local and global ecologies that embrace improvisation as a collective, movement-building tool in the creation of post-capitalist imaginaries. Marshall’s work also uses political aesthetic theory, data creation, mapping, and collective music-and-art making in order to step out of the domain of traditional cultural institutions, relocating the act of co-production back in the community. Marshall is Borealis' Artist in Residence 2020–2022 and at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Fransisco. Through an extensive career Marshall has collaborated with a numerous amount of musicians including Raven Chacon, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Dohee Lee, Lisa Harris and David Murray. His latest release is White People Killed Them – a collaboration between himself, Raven Chacon and Deerhof guitarist, John Dietrich released on SIGE Records June 2021.

Photo: Agatha Urbaniak