Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal is a collage project stitched together by Dorothea Økland, Thea Emilie Wang and Solveig Wang. The band embraces experimental pop tunes, free improvisation and field recording, and their music can be described as experimental pop with elements from jazz, R&B and electroacoustic music. Their debut single One Second arrived last year with reviews calling the band "a guide to the future of Norwegian music". Nothing Personal serves the listener with live sound collages created in the present moment, utilising a mix of unconventional elements. Like the musical version of a science lab, the three alchemists explore sounds, tunes and effects, and includes the listener in this exploration, especially asking the question of what makes music personal – is it the lyrics of a pop tune, the field recorded voice of a great aunt, or the melody sung with autotune? Melting together with the live audial collage is also the visual elements, created by Tobias Guldbrandsen, giving the concerts its own dimension.

Photo: Maria Saxegaard