Oscar Escalante

Oscar Escalante is a visual artist, instrument builder and charango player born in the city of Durango in Mexico. Like a mystic wanderer Oscar is in touch with a great creative power that takes many forms, through visual art, installations and new inventive instruments. Oscar comes from a family of artists, his father of origin Cora, an indigenous town of Durango, was a tailor, poet and musician leaving this legacy to several of his children. Oscar set out on visual art from an early age, his passions being as diverse as painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture and music as well as the creation of his own instruments. Despite not having had a formal academic background, Oscar learned various trades from his father and from the countless trips he has made. He has lived in San Francisco and Barcelona and currently resides in Guanajuato in Mexico. His work has been exhibited in both Europe and the US. Oscar is father of musician Martín Escalante and film director Amat Escalante. He appeared as an actor in Amat's film The Wild Region which was awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice International Film Festival in September 2016. Aged 74 he's still developing and exploring his technique.

Photo: Ashley Fell