Roscoe Mitchell

Roscoe Mitchell is a composer and an internationally renowned musician from Chicago. His virtuosic resurrection of overlooked woodwind instruments spanning extreme registers, visionary solo performances, and assertion of a hybrid compositional/ improvisational paradigm have placed him at the forefront of contemporary music. His instrumental expertise includes the gamut of the saxophone and recorder families, clarinets, flute, piccolo, and the transverse flute in addition to his elaborate invention, The Percussion Cage. His oeuvre boasts hundreds of albums, and an impressive long list of nominations and awards. Roscoe is a founding member of the jazz group Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM),and the Trio Space. He is also distinguished as the founder of the Creative Arts Collective, and the groups The Roscoe Mitchell Sextet & Quartet, The Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble, The Sound Ensemble, The New Chamber Ensemble, and the Note Factory.

Photo: Joseph Blough