Sandra Márjá West

Sandra Márjá West is from coastal Sámi area of Gáivuotna. She is a Sámi duojár, politician and activist. Duodji is the traditional art of the Sámi people and Sandra has a 3-year education from Sámij åhpadusguovdásj in Johkamohkki. She has a goldsmith journeyman’s letter. . Natural materials like wool, silk, wood, antler, fur and reindeer leather attract her, and she spends a lot of time collecting and preparing her materials. Sandra is an elected member of the Sámi Parliament and leads the Indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu. For her, this is a natural combination. Sandra’s fight for her people’s right to tell their own stories and make their own decisions on their future is the basis for all her work, both with art, activism, politics and as a cultural worker.