TABULA RASA is Sigrun Jørdre, Elise Thorgersen Varne, Zsuzsa Zseni, Tord Kalvenes, Arild Rohde og Jakub Adam Niedziela. The vocal ensemble was started by Tord Kalvenes in 2017 and has been under Arild Rohde’s musical direction since May 2019. The ensemble aims to promote new classical vocal music, with a focus on Norwegian composers and is has dedicated themselves to the 21/22 iteration of the Borealis Ung Komponist mentor programme. The vocal ensemble stands out by working with improvisation and theatrical elements to create conceptual concerts and performances. TABULA RASA wants to reach out with new music to people who do not know the form so well from before. Musically, they seek a balance between music that is recognisable and accessible to the audience, and music that is challenging and surprising. They want to use the emotional and direct communicative quality in the human voice to reach the audience. Tabula Rasa seeks collaboration with composers, performers and interdisciplinary art collaborations in the hope of illuminating their contemporaries. The ensemble works with various notation forms, both conventional notation, tools for improvisation, text notation and the use of space in performances.

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Photo: Zsigmond Zseni