Bill Dietz

Bill Dietz is an American composer and writer, born in Arizona, USA. He has been Artistic Director and Conductor of Ensemble Zwischentöne since 2007, and has since 2012 been co-chair of the Department of Music and Sound at Bard College's Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts in New York. His work focuses on the history of the listening experience, which is presented as concerts and sound works in festivals, but also museums, apartment buildings and on the streets. In addition to composing sound, he also writes about this in academic journals and magazines. In 2013 he co-founded the web publication Ear│Wave│Event with Woody Sullender, which attempts to expand larger arts discourses to include the sonic by framing music criticism via a more art historical lens. He has published books with listening scores: one in his Tutorial Diversions series, which is meant to be performed at home; and one book of concert pieces based on historical and contemporary audience behaviour. He is the co-author of the publication Universal Receptivity (2021) together with Kerstin Stakemeier, and together with Amy Cimini he has edited the book Maryanne Amacher: Selected Writings and Interviews (2020).