Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat

As a composer, Dewa Alit is a leading figure of his generation in Bali, Indonesia. His piece Geregel (2000) was so widely influential that it became the subject of a 50-page analysis in the journal Perspectives on New Music written by Wayne Vitale in 2002. Born to a family of artists in Pengosekan village in Bali, Dewa grew up surrounded by Balinese gamelan music. In 1997, a year before graduating from Academy of Indonesian Performing Arts in Denpasar, Dewa and his brothers founded the gamelan group Çudamani which toured internationall, before he founded Gamelan Salukat in 2007. The word Salukat is Dewa's original combination of two words: Salu meaning house, and kat signifying regeneration and the cycles of rebirth. Together it creates a place for new creativities based on tradition. Gamelan Salukat is formed of new gamelan instruments developed by Dewa himself, reflecting both his strong root in traditional music as well as his hope to accommodate challenges he faces in creating new music in Bali. The New York Times selected Likad from the album Chasing Phantoms as one of the best classical tracks of 2022.

Photo: Gamelan Salukat