Ensemble Zwischentöne

Ensemble Zwischentöne was founded in Berlin by the composer Peter Ablinger, and has since 2007 been run by their Artistic Director Bill Dietz. Initiated as a course for experimental music and improvisation at the Musikschule Kreuzberg in 1988, the Ensemble remains comprised of a mixture of professional musicians, semi-professional musicians and non-musicians. This mixtures was a conscious choice formed as a mechanism to avoid the pitfalls of conservatory training, narrow-minded views on talent, and to ensure that they forever continue to question how far boundaries can be pushed, which they consider to be the ensemble’s mission. In its early years, the ensemble focused on collaborations with Berlin-based artists like Sven-Åke Johansson and Rolf Julius. In later years the ensemble has performed music by international composers such as Maryanne Amacher, Pauline Oliveros, Akio Suzuki and Christian Wolff.

Photo: Peter Ablinger