Halldis Rønning

Halldis Rønning from Bergen, Norway is a conductor and violinist. She has conducted countless world premieres and contemporary pieces at concerts and festivals in Europe and Scandinavia. She received her first price for her conducting skills already at the age of 18, and has later conducted for all of Norway's symphony orchestras, but also orchestras and ensembles in Sweden, the Netherlands and Vietnam. In recent years, Halldis has gradually moved towards a more creative platform, exploring improvisation with orchestras, composition and collaborative art projects across disciplines. She was co-composer and initiator of the grand scenic performance Hrafntinna which in 2022 was premiered at Reykjavik Art Festival. This multimedia piece combined improvised and composed music, dance, performance, video art and electronics. She is currently employed at the University of Stavanger where she is doing a PhD, exploring the conductor's possibilities within interdisciplinary projects, dance, performance and composition.

Photo: Britt Embry