Jo David Meyer Lysne

Jo David Meyer Lysne is an instrument builder and composer from Gvarv in Telemark. In recent years, he has immersed himself in robotics, intonation and acoustic chamber music. In the workshop and studio at Gvarv, he builds self-playing acoustic instruments connected to ongoing commissions for artists such as Sanae Yoshida, Amalie Stalheim and Vilde&Inga. The backbone of his compositional practice is rooted in examining what a listening situation is or can be. He strives to create clear listening situations, where the listener experiences the sound within a scenic framework, which can provide a new or unexpected listening experience. In recent years, he has released a number of albums under his own name; Meander on Øra Fonogram, and Henger i luften and Kroksjø on Hubro.

Photo: Rakel Emhjellen Paulsen