Julie Silset & Rudi Valdersnes

Julie Silset is a Bergen based DJ and producer with deep interest in techno and leftfield club music. With hypnotic percussion and industrial textures, Julie leads us seamlessly from the meditative spheres right into punchy bangers. She has contributed to two remixes, released on Ideophone Records and Mhost Likely, and made commissions for Festspillene and the EKKO festival in Bergen. Rudi Valdersnes is an instrumentalist, composer and DJ who has distinguished himself as a central figure within the experimental techno scene in Norway. His style is oriented around repetitive structures and elongated polyrhythmic percussion landscapes. By depicting clear and contemplative narratives, his music is often described as hypnotic and meditative. Rudi has contributed to a number of releases on labels such as MAXIMAL, PLOINK, Snack Ohm Tapes, Back to Beat and Ideophone Records. Together with Jiska Huizing, Julie and Rudi run Ideophone Records, an independent label with a focus on electronic and electroacoustic, obscure club music that lives on the edge of the dance floor! Together they also host their own radio show, Vogel Tanzen on the independent radio station Vers Libre.

Photo: Mila Elisabeth Larvoll