Katarina Barruk

Katarina Barruk is a Sábmie/Sápmi artist who grew up in Lusspie (Storuman) and Gajhrege (Gardfjäll) in Sweden, and is currently based in Oslo. Her distinctive voice creates spaces for vulnerability and strength, as she delivers a fierce yet down-to-earth sound mixed with pop, traditional yoik and improvisational elements. She sings in one of her mother tongues, Ume Sámi language. The language is on UNESCO's red list of critically endangered languages, but many Umesámis are taking the language back. Katarina has toured throughout Europe. She released her second album, Ruhttuo (Boreal Forest) in 2022, and in 2020 she received SKAPs Kulturbärarpris – one of Sweden's most eligible writer and composer prizes.

Photo: Sara Berglund