Lo Kristenson

Lo Kristenson creates music where expressions of resistance, harshness and clumsiness co-exist with fragile delicacy and vulnerability. In her creative practice Lo seeks to challenge her own ways of working in collective musical practices. The foundational structures for her music lie in the personal meetings between composer and musician. Among the ensembles that she has collaborated with are the Norwegian duo Vilde & Inga, danish collective Damkapellet, Malvakvartetten, Kvinnoorkestern and Allegria. As a sound artist Lo has collaborated with Annika Liljedahl, where sculptures of insects meet insect sounds that our human ear normally cannot perceive. Lo is a 2018 graduate of the Master’s Programme in Composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where she studied for, among others, Karin Rehnqvist. Her work has been presented at established platforms such as the art gallery Artipelag (SE), Norrlandsoperan, the festivals Sound of Stockholm, Only Connect (NO) and KLANG festival (DK).

Photo: Inga Margrete Aas