Mira Thiruchelvam

Mira Thiruchelvam is a flutist, composer and lyricist from Bergen, Norway with Tamil roots. She has a background in Carnatic classical music, but has mostly experimented with music independently. This has led to fearless and liberating compositions, in a soundscape that fuses South Indian classical music, ethnic progressive and Ethio Pop, with clear ties to her own family ties in Sri Lanka and impressively demanding vocal percussion. In 2015 she started the band 9 Grader Nord with her sister Dipha Thiruchelvam, where she composes, plays the bamboo flute and guitar. In 2020 she won the Edvard Award in the category Challenger for the band's debut record Jaffna. She also creates music for various projects within different genres such as hip hop, classical, jazz, rock, blues and folk music. She's had great success as producer and arranger for Gutu Abera which music has been met with great acclaim in Ethiopia. In the summer of 2022 on stage as part of Norwegian rap duo Karpe's ten live show's in Oslo Spektrum, which was met with raging reviews and named "the most beautiful show in the world right now" by Rolling Stone.

Photo: Kristoffer Ivan