Susanne Xin

Susanne Xin is a Norwegian-Vietnamese artist, pianist and music educator. Her compositions are often cross disciplinary, and are based on a spesific theme or method. At the moment, her artistic journey has turned her gaze inwards, and she often uses her many identities as an entry point into various preliminary projects: “I am from a minority background, I’m a woman, I’m queer and my parents are refugees from the Vietnam War. There is a lot of material coming from these perspectives, and I find it incredibly exciting to set the tone for these memories and stories in various artistic forms ”
Susanne is currently a member of TekstLab’s Incubator programme, and has composed a documentary and interdisciplinary solo performance which combines music with movement and text. Susanne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Pedagogy with piano as her main instrument from the Norwegian Academy of Music, and is currently studying medicine at the University of Oslo. Susanne takes part in Borealis Ung Komponist 22/23.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift/Borealis